Burning Desire: a stepbro romance

Published by: Wolfsparrow Publishing
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Erotic Romance / Taboo Romance
Pages: 54

A novelette of undeniable attraction and forbidden love…

A family tragedy brings Lyndsie and and her stepbrother, Kyle, back into each other’s lives after a decade-long estrangement. Will the untameable passion between them be enough to overcome the personal challenges standing in the way of their mutual happiness?

Author note: This story was originally published in the now-defunct Selena Kitt boxset, Step-by-Step: Volume 1. If you purchased that title, please be aware this is not a new story, but it has been revised and added to.

This novella features a relationship between stepsiblings. Kyle is in the middle of a legal separation / divorce. Legal is the keyword here, thus it’s not cheating because he and his wife are free to see other people. But I understand that still may bother some people. There’s also mentions of family death, funerals, bitchy parents, politics, and past trauma.

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