candy (naughty confections, #1)

Published by: Wolfsparrow Publishing
Release Date: February 7, 2022
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 165 ebook (233 paperback)

Camming is her little secret…

Between the small town she can’t escape and the life she wishes to live, Candace has found an outlet in the digital world. In front of the camera, Candy can escape the pressures of her family’s bakery and play at life on her own terms. Freedom has never been so sweet.

He just wants someone to take control…

Miles’s life has become increasingly chaotic. Returning to the hometown he hasn’t seen in over a decade, he’s caught between family angst, anxiety, and work stress. Soon his online playtime isn’t enough. He longs to let go and find someone to hold onto.

When their lives collide offline, can these former classmates take a second chance and find balance together in their seemingly diverging paths?

Candy is a standalone erotic romance featuring femdom, baked goods, and kinky scenes. First in a new series!

This novel features sex work, femdom, mild degradation, and social anxiety rep.

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