Carnal: Erotic Stories & Flash Fiction

Published by: Wolfsparrow Publishing
Release Date: April 27, 2023
Genre: Erotic Romance and Erotica
Pages: 165

Fourteen sensually spicy encounters guaranteed to have you reaching below the sheets. Inside you’ll find…

Exhibitionism and the uncovering of hidden desires.

A priest who succumbs to the beauty of a parishioner, helping her find forgiveness in the crack of a flogger.

A werewolf subordinate who flips the script on her vampire boss, showing her who’s truly in charge.

And more…

This collection of stories, featuring both MF and WLW pairings, is an ode to lust, need, and romance. Stories Included (11 previously published and 3 brand new):

• Adagio
• Temptation Follows
• Halcyon
• In Reverse
• Scarlet Rose
• Switch
• Turning Tables
• What’s A Girl To Do?
• His Toy
• What You Need
• Hers
• Watching You
• Rendezvous
• Room 414

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