Paranormal Erotica

Published by: Mischief Books (HarperCollins UK)
Release Date: October 2013
Contributors: Rose de Fer, Rhyll Biest, Giselle Renarde, Ellen Heights, Elizabeth Coldwell, Scarlet Rush, Torrance Sené, Kathleen Tudor, Morgan Honeyman, and Chrissie Bentley
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 126

Features my M/F werewolf story, “Only One Night.”

Whether ghostly, magical, or demoniac these ten tales of sexy supernatural lovers will excite and enchant. All new and original paranormal erotica from Mischief, featuring Rose de Fer, Scarlet Rush, Giselle Renarde and many more.

"Adagio" by Torrance Sené. I don't think I will look at classical music and violin players in quite the same way, and I do mean that in a positive way. Then again, the connection between classical music and sensuality has always been there. Let's just say Ben knows just when and how to bring out the harmonious notes out of his lover. Their lovemaking is truly a musical masterpiece.

Angel R. Rivera, The Itinerant Librarian

This book is as steamy and emotionally fulfilling as the cover promises. Old love with its experience and scars and new love with its blank pages of possibility. Sweet enough to make you crave a cuddle and hot enough to make you blush.

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