V-Card Valentine (Horny Holidays #3)

Release Date: February 21, 2024
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 60
Tropes: age gap, older woman/younger man, snowed in, sex teacher, virgin hero, golden retriever boyfriend, femdom

Good boys get everything…

When her relationship ends in betrayal just before Valentine’s Day, actress-turned-intimacy-coordinator Charlotte escapes to Norway to get some space. But she wasn’t expecting to be snowed in with a man who would crawl on hands and knees to please her.

V-Card Valentine is an older woman/younger man femdom erotic romance with plenty of sweetness and spice!

This novella features mentions of cheating (not done by the lead characters) and the rape culture & sexism of Hollywood (in brief passing). It also features an age gap relationship (OWYM), Mommy kink, and a little bit of incest roleplay/dirty talk. There is also a focus on Ethan’s social anxiety throughout the novella.