Content Notes

Santa's Baby

Santa's Baby (Horny Holidays, #1)

This novella features the kink of reverse somnophilia. This is a fetish where someone gets off on pretending to be asleep as their partner essentially has their way with them. This act is fully consensual in this story as no one is ever actually unconscious when the scene unfolds. They’re cognizant of what’s happening and able to use their safeword if needed. It also features an age gap relationship (OMYW), Daddy kink, exhibitionism, and Santa kink.

V-Card Valentine (Horny Holidays, #3)

This novella features mentions of cheating (not done by the lead characters) and the rape culture & sexism of Hollywood (in brief passing). It also features an age gap relationship (OWYM), Mommy kink, and a little bit of incest roleplay/dirty talk. There is also a focus on Ethan’s social anxiety throughout the novella.

Burning Desire (Forbidden, #1)

This novella features a relationship between stepsiblings. Kyle is in the middle of a legal separation / divorce. Legal is the keyword here, thus it’s not cheating because he and his wife are free to see other people. But I understand that still may bother some people. There’s also mentions of family death, funerals, bitchy parents, politics, and past trauma.