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Franka’s heels clicked against the hardwood floor. She had received a text message with this address, but there was nothing here. The one-room loft, which sat high above the city, was completely unfurnished. She located a wall switch and tried it. Nothing. There was no electricity as well. The only light afforded was graced by the full moon as it glinted through the thin drapes. She walked deeper into the room, her skin tingling with apprehension and anticipation. Her Mistress loved to play games, but this was something entirely new. Then again, everything was rather novel to Franka. She was a newcomer to this heady world of submission and power.

Footsteps could be heard. Someone struck a match, barely illuminating a face. Franka squinted her eyes. “Mistress?” she asked anxiously as she walked deeper into the loft. The smooth scent of a cigarillo wafted through the air.

“Who else would it be?” The alto voice conveyed a touch of playful menace which made Franka shiver. She didn’t have much time to enjoy the seductive timbre, however, as the drapes were pulled open, allowing the room to flood with moonlight.

Franka could now make out the silhouette of a woman. Her Mistress.

“I’ve been waiting for you, little one.” Her Mistress traipsed to the Victorian-styled red velvet settee which sat perpendicular to the large window, the only furniture in the loft, and sat down. She took another draw of her cigarillo and draped her arm over the small sofa. “And you know I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

Her Mistress stared at her and crossed a leg, placing an ankle atop the opposite knee. It was a very commanding stance. One which made Franka’s cunt ache. Her Mistress wore a navy pinstripe waistcoat and slacks, black heels, and her hair was pulled back in a tight bun. She exuded a perfectly tempered mixture of femininity and masculinity. Indeed, this concoction was what first lured Franka to her. It was everything Franka loved about cocky businessmen without the man. Even at play, Mistress was all business.

“I am truly sorry, Ma’am. You know how unreliable Apple Maps can be.”

“Quite.” Mistress sniggered then sucked another draw. “Take off your clothes, pet.”

Franka swallowed and set her purse down. As her Mistress looked on and enjoyed her smoke, Franka peeled off every layer of clothing, slowly—just as her Mistress preferred. Once bare, Franka stood and awaited the next command. Her eyes were averted to the ground as a show of respect. She was never to look directly upon her Mistress unless instructed.

“Crawl to me.”

Franka knelt, moving her body in graceful, sinuous movements as she crept along the floor. Her main purpose was to be pleasing, and so every move she made must delight her Mistress. Franka stopped a mere foot from her. Mistress tossed her cigarillo to the floor, uncrossed her leg, and stamped it out before leaning forward and stroking Franka’s hair.

“Is it cold down there on the floor?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” It felt so wonderful to have Mistress touch her. The week had been long and tedious. It was exhausting being in charge of so many people.

“Would you like to sit up here with me?”

“Yes, Ma’am. Nothing would bring me more honor than to sit with you.”

“Oh?” Franka could hear the raised eyebrow in her voice as her Mistress kept petting her. “Only good girls get rewards, and you kept me waiting. What should I do about that, hmm?”

“Whatever you believe is fitting, Ma’am.”

“Look at me, pet.” Mistress placed a finger under Franka’s chin and tilted it up. “You’re such a beautiful little thing. Why don’t you present yourself for me?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Mistress leaned back, placing her arms over the back of the settee. Franka moved back and couple of feet and turned around, placing her shoulders flush to the cool floor, and arching her back to properly display her cunt. She knew the moonlight would be illuminating all for her Mistress to see. It was dizzying.

“Hold absolutely still.” Mistress stood and stalked a circle around her.

Franka could feel her gaze appraising, inspecting, and taking stock of her property. Her Mistress preferred fun to punishment, but still Franka had to fight against shivering. Being exposed like this always made her anxious, even if she loved it. A hand caressed her backside, followed by another. They spread Franka’s cheeks, and she jerked when Mistress blew cool air against her furrow. A damp finger gently ghosted over her asshole. Franka whimpered.

Mistress chuckled softly. “Does that feel nice, pet?”

“Y-Yes, Ma’am.” Franka’s nipples stiffened further.

“Would you like to put on a show for me?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” she replied more steadily now the torture had ceased. “Please, Ma’am.”

“Wonderful.” Mistress sat back down. “Finger that sweet pussy for me.”

Franka reached back from underneath and trailed her fingertips over her slit. She imagined how her cunt must be glistening in the moonlight and she felt beautiful. Parting her folds, she easily slipped two fingers into her drenched cunt and she began to fuck herself, slowly and deliberately.

“Such a good girl.”

The praise spurred Franka on. She pushed her fingers as deeply as she could, moaning her for Mistress. The wet sounds of her sex filled the empty loft, serving only to arouse Franka even more as she added a third finger. Putting her weight on her shoulders, she reached back with her other hand and began to rub her yearning clit. Franka squeezed her eyes shut, seeing stars behind them. She was so close, that blissful precipice taunting at her. She fucked herself harder.

“Come for me, little one.”

Warmth spread down from her sacrum as she cried out, coming hard and clenching around her fingers. She slowed her pace, riding it out and abandoning her now overly-sensitive nub. Franka barely noticed when Mistress walked over and stroked her spine.

“So very good, my pet.”

As Mistress helped her onto the settee and knelt in front of her open legs with a hungry grin, Franka knew her night had only begun.

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